Friday, July 22, 2011


KEY: Smitten

President Barack Obama received an unexpected wake up call earlier this morning when he was serenaded from the White House lawn by a smitten New Zealand Prime Minister John Key. Key, supposedly in the US to individually fellate the entire executive board of Time Warner and chase an ever elusive free trade agreement, has been unhealthily obsessed with the 44th President of the United States for some time say experts. According to a Beehive insider, Key is said to have an entire wall of his office covered with newspaper and magazine clippings of Obama's face, and has written numerous letters to the Commander in Chief, believing himself and the leader of the Free World to be in an intimate relationship.

In an alarming breach of Capitol security, the obsessed leader of the obscure island nation is believed to have entered the White House grounds at dawn, where he then appeared beneath the President's window. There he stood with a large inflatable love heart and a portable stereo blasting the song "Love Bites" by 1980s stadium giants Def Leppard. Key is understood to have told NZ media that "Bronagh and I used to have some mean as roots" to the hit.

The disturbance at the Presidential residence has had DC awash with gossip.

"Heard there was some weird little dude on the Whitehouse lawn, hollerin' about how him and Obama was meant to be together, " recounted local man Leroy Jenkum, "Turns out he was the President of Tasmania or something. Motherfucker lucky he didn't get his ass killed."

Tourist Hank Scroocher of Minnesota witnessed tearful scenes as Key was escorted away by the Secret Service and was angry with what he saw. "I spend my hard earned money taking my wife and kids to see the greatest god damn capital city on God's earth and they see a god damn circus. If that guy the Prime Minister of Zanzibar or whoever he is can get in there that easy then I do not feel safe," ranted Scroocher, "What if radical Muslims, abortionists or members of the homosexual community were to get that close to the White House?" foamed the shaken witness, becoming visibly upset, "I do not want my children exposed to Obama's abortionistic liberal communazi death panels."

OBAMA: Embarassed

President Obama is said by Beltway sources to be "embarassed" about the incident.


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